Python httplib example

This is a very simple example of httplib in Python. I am trying to write a very simple client which can simply ping a URL.

import httplib
while True:
 myURL = raw_input('\nURL Please: \n> ')
 if myURL == '':
 print '\URL Please: \n'
httpconnection = httplib.HTTPConnection(myURL)
httpconnection.request('GET', '/')
res = httpconnection.getresponse()
#I am only interested in 200 OK response, anything else can be ignored
if res.status != 200:
 print 'Errr!!!!', myURL, 'seems to be a troublesome URL. The "Internet" says "', res.reason, '" and the status was', res.status, '. Try again.'
 data =
 allheaders = res.getheaders()
 print data