Ubuntu 9.10 – Karmic Koala

This is bit dramatic.
Day one, a conversation between me and Dr. Abhishek on phone
Dr.: So whats this with new release of Ubuntu, the Koala…have you heard about it, any idea…?
Me: Yeah, I dont think it will be much different in terms of kernel or any thing related to core, though I do expect changes in UI…
Dr.: hmm…is this LTS?
Me: Nopes, if you are looking for LTS then better wait for six months. I guess I will also wait for LTS. I am too lazy to update my laptops…
Dr.: OK
Day two, on Facebook.
Sukhi’s wall post says, “I am waiting for Karmic Koala” and my comment, “I am not going to install Koala”
Day three, on Facebook.
Sukhi’s wall post is all gaga about Koala.
Last day, Dr. Abhishek’s wall post on Facebook indicates he has installed Koala and he likes it…
I ping him and asked him about this breach and he says he “aiwen hi” downloaded the ISO, created a live version, used it and could not resist installing it.
Today morning, I have successfully upgraded my Ubuntu 9.04 to Ubuntu 9.10. 🙂
Updating or installing Ubuntu is breeze. For a dummy, who can just read English, here are the steps to do it, you will need a 1GB USB stick or a pen drive:
a) Download the latest ISO from http://www.ubuntu.com and save it to C:/ drive or any other place where you have enough space to save a DVD movie. You will be most probably downloading a 32 bit Desktop version.
b) Download Unetbootin for Windows XP or Windows Vist or whichever Windows you are using.
c) Insert your USB/Pen drive in USB and run unetbootin.
d) Choose the ISO option and browse for the ISO file you have downloaded in step a), choose the USB drive which will be in most cases already selected and let unetbootin do rest of the things.
e) As soon as unetbootin finishes it will ask you to reboot or exit. Save your work if you are doing and reboot.
f) In most of the cases your laptop or desktop will boot and show you a screen with options saying something like “Default” and “OEM”. Use arrow keys and select “Default” and hit enter gently with your fingers 😉
g) In 99.9% cases your computer will show you the familiar Ubuntu logo, in remaining cases you need to contact a geek.
h) Your computer will show you a slick desktop. If you have not disconnected your DSL and other plugins from your computer, you will surprised to know that everything works. Unlike Windows, you dont need to add a device driver or software and reboot your machine.
i) Click Application or press “Alt+F1” and browse the applications. Check out Open Office, its no where near to MS Office but it will still serve well and its free!
j) If any moment you feel Ubuntu is worth installing, click the install button on your Ubuntu desktop. Installing Ubuntu is very easy but demands a bit of computer knowledge. Let the installer decide what is best for you and 99% chances are that you will have dual boot system in 15-20 minutes. Ready to use.

Did I mention that I was browsing Internet on same laptop at the same time when I was installing Ubuntu 9.04? Can an average Joe do this on Windows?